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The Big Adventure Series

The Big Smile

Come along with passengers and crew of El Gran Grin as she takes to the high seas; this time, on a journey of new and renewed relationships aboard a piece of world history and a slice of danger.

The Big Collide

 This time, while vacationing in the South of France, the five friends decide to hop over to Switzerland on a whim. From there, somehow, they wind up in Space! So begins their adventure in another universe. A tale filled with strange creatures, a bit of danger, and unlikely Good Samaritans, their harrowing experience is out of this world!

The Big Meltdown

In this third and final work of “The Big Adventure” series, we find our heroines - Jenna, Marilyn, Gretchen, Vivienne, and Carla - working together once again at none other than a mega-church by the name of Faith Community, located in the breathtaking wine country of Sonoma County, California.

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A mixture of fiction and non-fictional short stories, one for each major American holidays! Fun to read all at once or one at a time!

spare me cover.jpg

In the interest of providing an inside view of the type of service an End-of-Life Doula (EOLD) provides, "Spare Me" is a collection of five case histories covering individual scenarios. Each short synopsis depicts a different light in which an EOLD serves. As a certified EOLD herself, it is Jayna's desire to enlighten and encourage professionals who work with the dying and their loved ones as well as those who are considering engagement of the services of a Doula.

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