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Dear Hearts,

I have in my possession a lovely artifact.

It is a Tibetan Sword of Wisdom. Small but heavy, it is made of brass and what I believe is lead or some other dark rough heavy metal.

There is a robust back story on this bad boy that I will skip. If you’re interested in learning more, use “The Google” to find Tibetan Sword of Wisdom and you can read all about it.

In short, the sword is the symbol of wisdom with several components -- two of which are knowledge and experience.

However, Dear Hearts, its BEDROCK component is Truth.

Truth is the word of the day.

There is no doubt that many of us are wise.

We have -- and continue to gain -- knowledge; and we are experienced in a variety of areas.

We also seek Truth.

Our personal Truth.

Our True Selves.

And it is in this vein that I wish to give you an assignment, Dear Hearts: a meditation that is more of a prescription -- “Homework” if you will.

It is not only for a moment; not even for this week.

It is infinite.

Here it is:

Sit comfortably in your sacred space.

Focus on why you, personally, have chosen to be where you are.

This is your time to visit - or RE-visit - your “WHY” -- your purpose.

Not your job description -- or even your career path. Not your relationship status, level of education, fitness level, or how many children you may or may not have.

Your purpose.

Don't be alarmed if it doesn't come to you right away, Dear Hearts. Arriving at one's purpose, which sometimes evolves over a long period, often takes longer than a minute and more than one block of a meditation session.

Once you sit with it, and have determined what it is, the next step is to allow one word or phrase which describes your purpose to bubble up to the surface.

When you have that word or phrase in your mind’s eye, adopt it as your own personal mental totem.

Use it -- refer to it -- throughout the day to center yourself as a consistent reminder of your reason for choosing to be here.

I’ve even painted mine on a rock and carry it around in my pocket.

This word or phrase which embodies your purpose for being here -- derived from your meditation . . . is your Truth . . .

. . . your bedrock -- to your personal Sword of Wisdom.

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