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Book Review

Dear Hearts,

How is everyone doing?

I hope you're reading, writing, and at least, journaling. We seem to be at the 'tween stage of a pandemic. You know, that point in childhood development where we are still a kid but have one foot in the teen years?

Are we in or are we out?

Whatever is going on -- or not, along w/ a proper diet, and fun exercise (emphasis on fun -- what you enjoy doing in order to move your body), reading a good book is cathartic to maintaining balance.

Speaking of books, I have a recommendation, Dear Hearts.

Written by my friend, Mo Thomas, "Into The Abyss" will take you on a personal journey; the likes of which you may never have encountered.

Whether you are steeped in traditional spiritual beliefs / religions (or not), and / or your belief systems lie solely in scientific proof, this read is for you!

Actually, there's something for everyone.

This author knows his Quarks from his Commandments!! Not only is he a credentialed engineer, scientist, and beyond knowledgeable about ancient text, Mo Thomas is forthcoming with his personal story and how "Into The Abyss" came about.

From Quantum Physics to the Incarnation, Thomas covers it all. The Spiritual Truths penned by this author will fascinate, challenge, delight, and sometimes leave you scratching your head only to re-read an entire paragraph. He uses words like "spaghettification", speaks of an integrated life . . .and the science! Oh, the science!!

As my readers know, I studied physics for two years prior to writing my second novel, "The Big Collide". At the head of each chapter, I posted a quote by a famous scientist. Each of the quotes surrounded the idea that each of the physicists I studied stated in one form or another that the more they practiced science, math, physics, etc., they wound up finding God. In my novel, one of my characters states, " . . .science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin . . ".

Mo Thomas not only concurs, he proves it in this work. His writing style is eloquent yet completely palatable. Compassion plus facts plus experience -- all together equals wisdom -- flows off the page and into the mind and heart of the reader.

There is plenty of spirituality to digest, Dear Hearts! However, if you're not interested in that topic, come for the science!

I realize I haven't told you much about its contents, and have simply ballyhoo'd the book. However, I do not want to spoil it for you. And I guarantee that since your personal story is not the same as mine, your reading experience will be a thumbprint as well.

Check it out for yourselves, Dear Hearts! Click on this link to check availability on Amazon: Into The Abyss .

Again, I hope you are well and thriving -- keep up the good self-care work!!

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