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I Did A Thing . . .

Dear Hearts,

Marching into March, I did something.

This is true confession time.

Some folks may not think much of this month, which includes such events as changing clocks, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Purim and, toward the end, the official beginning of Spring.

Yes, March definitely comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Just ask the great state of Tennessee; especially Nashville, where a state of emergency is now under declaration as this blog post is being written.

This month also hosts the birthday of my late husband’s beautiful soon-to-be-ninety-one year old mother who is active, drives, lives in her own home, and remains as sweet as the day she was born. Talk about a lamb!

Among some of my favorite made up holidays celebrated within these thirty one days are: National Pig Day (love it!)

If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Multiple Personality Day

World Day of Prayer (for the pigs and pets with thumbs - not to mention multiple personalities)

Worship of Tools Day

Blame Someone Else Day

National Goof Off Day (isn’t that every day for some folks?)

Something on a Stick Day (which is why I love food at the fair. It’s all served on a stick!)

. . .to name a few.

Personally, this Happy Heart celebrates each and every day, whatever it may be.

Even Mondays.

But very recently, Dear Hearts, I actually did a “first”-to-me thing to celebrate life in general, all of you, and . . .OK . . .the month of March.

Why not? Are you ready? (Drum roll, please: rrrRRRR)

I got a TATTOO!! Yes, I did it. My first one.

A small replica of the scribbled heart you all see here on my happy heart website is indelibly inked on the inside of my right forearm. Only, instead of a mustard yellow - which doesn’t show up very well on the skin - it is as black as the Ace of Spades.

Every time I look at it, I am reminded of my Dad’s nickname for me [Happy Heart], family and friends, Dear Hearts readers, loving my life, and now, the month of March.

So, as you celebrate all the quirky holidays this month, and enjoy all that life has to offer . . .

. . .go do your thing!

P.S. Doesn’t have to include getting a tattoo.

P.P.S. If you don’t have a “thing”, read my Holiday Short: “The Ides”.

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