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I See You . . .

Updated: May 15, 2020

Dear Hearts,

Decades ago, a children's morning television show, whose appeal primarily focused upon toddlers and preschool-aged little ones presumably in a home setting, aired daily.

This show, called "Romper Room", contained the usual puppets, songs, stories, and play time we now utilize in day cares around the country.

But there was one particular special event that happened at the very end of the show which was not found on any other kids' programming -- a portion of the televised production when all children watching paid closest attention. It was a final segment called "The Magic Mirror".

All little eyes were on the "teacher" as she held up the exclusive mirror and asked it to show her who she can see in the viewing audience at home.

Exclaiming as she looked through it, "Magic Mirror, please tell me today. Did all my friends have fun at play?" . . .she then continued, "I see Susie . . .and Billy . . .and Mark . . ." clearly making up names as she spoke.

Every child waited with bated breath to hear their name called. Does she really see me? they wondered.

Sometimes, even as grownups, we want to know whether or not we're noticed. It's easy to feel invisible as one is thrown into the "wild" of adulthood; and we wonder, "Does anyone even see me?"

Dear Hearts: I see you!

Especially now.

I see your memes and comments on social media. I see you in the grocery store, on the sidewalk, driving your car, walking your pooch, going about your daily life and handling -- sometimes struggling with -- the immense challenges before you.

Some of you aren't doing so well. You're afraid -- many of you, for good reason. You're facing seemingly insurmountable financial challenges; you have / had COVID 19; are fiercely afraid of contracting the virus; you know someone who is either infected, compromised, or has not recovered; you are juggling work, family, and other responsibilities; perhaps you are even caring for those who are ill.

I get it.

I see you.

Some of you are surviving -- even thriving. Good on you! Our hearts are thrilled for you. Keep going. Keep up the Gratitude and, when possible, help out someone who needs assistance. Society depends upon those who are able to keep moving forward during tough times.

I see you.

Government officials, community leaders (clergy, business owners, teachers, et al) who are tasked with the responsibility of frequent absorption and dissemination of new information to subordinates, students, and citizens at large; and carry the heavy weight of responsibility and concern for many lives: I see you.

There are debates galore surrounding the topic of if / when / how to "open up". Naturally, it depends upon your country, state, county, city and town. Most officials are going by clean data -- daily numbers. Understandable. I happen to be in a county where the curve has all but flattened; however, our county officials are exercising caution by adherence to state guidelines, allowing S-L-O-W soft openings in the area. To some, this is maddening. To others, it remains a continuous fearful game of chance.

I see you.

For those who want / are able to be out and about, please continue to be considerate. Wear the masks and keep the distance. It's the least you can do as you are, most likely, relatively healthy, unafraid on some level, mobile, and /or not in a high risk category.

For those who are still fearful as we open the country, be as thoughtful of your counterparts as you want them to be of you. If you're really that scared, remain sheltering-in-place -- or at least, wait a minute to join the herd. Be patient with your community officials who need a bit of time to flush out issues of enforcement as they decide to open various parks, businesses, and other organizations.

Whatever your situation -- frustrated and wanting your area to open up [faster], or fearful and upset with those whom you deem careless -- communicate to your local officials instead of taking it out on your fellow citizens or even blasting it on social media. I say all of the above with a happy compassionate heart.

The best thing all of us can do for ourselves and others is to protect / boost our immune systems by eating clean (yes, it matters!), moving our bodies, and getting vitamin D from the sun.

Meanwhile, Dear Hearts, I see you . . .

. . . and not with a fictitious child-attracting "magic mirror". . . I see the Divine in you.


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