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I'd Like To Buy A Vowel

Dear Hearts,

It's been a minute since my last post. Like all of you, I've been busy, distracted, procrastinating, and more recent, slowly getting back in the game.

Anyway, how are all of you doing out there in the proverbial "soup"?

*Alphabet* soup, that is.

I say "alphabet" because as I have begun to get back out there, socially, I am acutely aware that folks are a little off; not so much with their I.Q., but more so with E.Q.

It's understandable that our emotions might be right under the surface as we are re-introduced to gatherings; however, I have discovered that our Emotion Quotient is only one component of several which require adjustment.

I'm talking about the other vowels in Quotient World in addition to I and E. Yes, Dear Hearts, we cannot ignore A, O, and U.

Wait. What?! There are vowels of measurement other than Intelligence and Emotion?

Let me explain: A is for A.Q.: "Attitude Quotient". Our attitude has everything to do with its close cousin -- perhaps even its sibling -- E.Q.

At this point, Dear Hearts, you may raise your hand, palm facing forward and exclaim, "Whoa! Wait a minute! Have you seen how people are driving now that traffic has picked up again? You can't tell me I'm not allowed to be irritated when somebody cuts me off!"

Trust me, Dear Hearts, I hear you. Your feelings are real. However, adjusting to life as things "open up" requires checking ourselves from time to time. No one I know is the same after this last year. Some things are different and there are new challenges on the horizon. We don't have to be hypervigilant about whether or not our outlook is perfect. All I'm saying is, check in with yourself once in a while. Are you ruminating about a situation or person's behavior that doesn't matter or is beyond your control? Are you consistently annoyed or complaining? Perhaps it's time to take stock of your A.Q.

O stands for O.Q.: Ownership Quotient. Another important factor in your overall mental health and personal success is taking responsibility for your own actions. When in conflict, how much do you own your part in what is said or certain behaviors which took place? How much do you take responsibility for working toward your personal goals and creating healthy relationships? When it comes to moving forward in life, the onus is on ourselves. Your O.Q. matters.

U.Q.: U stands for *You*. The You Quotient -- as in "True" You -- is key. Finding out who you are, being you, and becoming your best self is a bedrock component in all of the Quotients.

After the past year or so, what is your U.Q.? Surely, something about you has changed, grown, fallen behind, adjusted or kept up, etc.? Check in with yourself and not only seek to provide any self-care you may need but take stock in who you've become and adjust accordingly. Don't be surprised if you discover you need a new hobby, or that it's simply time to ditch the old one. Perhaps a vacation is in order -- or it could be something deeper and a good therapist is the ticket. Either way, take a good look in the mirror and discern your inner world.

So, Dear Hearts, that takes care of the Vowel Quotients in your life.

Wait! In addition to A, E, I, O, U, there is one more option in the English language: "sometimes Y".

What in the world could a Y.Q. possibly be? you ask. I'll tell you!

It's Sometimes 'Why'?

Ask questions! Question everything. Not in a cynical fashion (Remember to mind your A.Q.), but with genuine interest . . .like a curious young child. It's how you learn and, many times, helps out all the rest of the aforementioned Vowels!

So, Dear Hearts, as you foray into traffic, back to in-person work and gatherings, maskless (some of you) and, hopefully, with a spring in your step, check in on each of the Vowel Quotients from time to time, make necessary changes . . .

. . . and enjoy a bowl of alphabet soup!

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