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Mom's Day In !!

Dear Hearts,

Ah, Mother’s Day! The one Sunday of the year Mom is showered with love and affection, flowers / candy / gifts, and a scrumptious brunch at her favorite eatery.


Hold the May flowers and pump the brakes, Dear Hearts!

As much as your mother appreciates any effort toward making her day special, her most desired luxury could simply be a nice nap!

I don’t know about your area of the U.S., but here on the left coast, restaurants are veritable beehives on Mother’s Day! Even if you’re lucky enough to nail a reservation, the establishment is so jam-packed (and noisy!), the chances of Mom relaxing and enjoying her day rival that of enduring root canal.

Once, my late husband and grown children made reservations at a hard-to-snag spot in Marin. This place was tough to get into on a regular weekday, let alone the most popular brunch-day-out of the year. Still, there was a two hour wait. By the time we were seated, we were tired, hangry, and wished we’d stayed home. While I thoroughly appreciate how hard they worked to make a perfect day for me - and as always, we made the best of it - I told my family to never feel as though we have to go “out” on Mother’s Day again; and not to worry as I wouldn’t be mad. I would much rather enjoy a relaxing backyard bar-b-que or home made brunch with my lively tribe than compete for a cramped full-to-capacity overpriced (yes, they jack up the prices on Mother’s Day) restaurant. I don’t care how chic it is. (I do love me some chic, but still . . .some other time, yes?).

Dear Hearts, consider this instead: - Clean the house the day before.

- Prepare a nice brunch for Mom at home.

- Have her wake up to a lovely table setting for the entire family and / or guests.

- Give her plenty of time to shower, dress, and be fully ready to enjoy her day.

- Allow her to leisurely enjoy the food and company.

- Guide her to a comfortable chair where she can continue to enjoy her day.

- One by one, present her with flowers, candy, gifts, and cards.

- Clear the table and do the dishes; thoroughly clean the kitchen.

- LEAVE!! Yes, I said it.


Dad: Take the kids somewhere for an hour or two and leave Mom to nap, watch her shows, read a book or chill online, whatever downtime she’s been dying to do uninterrupted for months on end!

For Moms who are “in the trenches” raising kids, who work and slay every day all day and are lucky if they get a shower without someone banging on the bathroom door, the best gift you can give her is a minute to herself.

Trust me. She will appreciate this thoughtful present more than you know!

When you return, bring home her favorite takeout for dinner later, or order out. Spend the afternoon sharing what you did on your excursion. Refreshed, she will want to hear all about it. Don’t forget to ask her how she enjoyed her “alone time”.

If your Mom is older, with grown kids out of the house, invite her to yours. She will love spending time with you. A nice meal is appreciated. She probably doesn’t even care about gifts at this stage of life. She simply enjoys spending time with you.

Bottom line, Dear Hearts: Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a crazy extravagant outing. In fact, busy Moms most likely prefer the opposite.

But make it a special Mother’s Day In!!


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