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Movie Review Time!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Dear Hearts,

If you have read more than one of my blog posts, you know I am not in the habit of reviewing movies.

A book? Mayhaps.

However, yours truly has no expertise, knowledge, education, or experience with film whatsoever and, furthermore, no business providing any reliable commentary on the topic.

But today, Dear Hearts, I can't help myself.


Because I just saw the best movie I've experienced so far this year and I simply must tell you about it!

OK, no spoiler alerts. I promise. However, I can't swear on a stack of Merriam-Websters with a Thesaurus on top that I won't leak a few teasers.

So . . . first of all, my all time second favorite movie EVER is "Romancing the Stone", starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner ("Sandlot" being the first). Yes, I'm talking old school, but it's a great film and has been an "annual" at my house for a long time.

When I saw the trailer for "The Lost City" (I'm dubbing it "TLC"!) starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, I'm pretty sure I shouted aloud, "That's the plot right out of Romancing the Stone!" -- only starring my favorite actress. Sidebar: Dear Hearts, I cannot tell you how much I want Sandra to play the lead whenever my third novel, "The Big Meltdown", becomes a movie!

But I digress . . .

I marked my calendar and waited with bated breath until TLC opened in theaters. That day came when I was today old and I was first in line at the box office!

Dear Hearts, let me tell you. Not only is this movie everything it is advertised to be, it brings even more -- and hits it out of the park. Normally, I'm not a fan of the Rom-Com genre, but this film actually isn't that. It has something for everyone: action, adventure, comedy, romance, you name it. TLC is a great date night movie as there are none of those tacky overdone predictable mainstream nude borderline porno scenes from which we're all exhausted.

Teaser #1: However! There is one two minute steamy (but not uncomfortable) scene where, if you've seen "Romancing the Stone", you'll swear it was yanked straight out of that film but with two different actors -- only better!. (Did I say that?)

You'll recognize it when it appears on the screen and -- ladies -- trust me when I say you'll be fairly certain you're immediately pregnant.

With triplets.

(Yes, mother. I said it.)

But back to the review:

First of all, there's the cast: Our girl, Sandra, plays "Loretta", a romantic novel author and, apparently, the widow of an archaeologist who is summoned to appear on a book tour (sound familiar?). Bullock has so much fun with this character and leaves no (ahem!) stone unturned . . . pulling out all the stops -- including her infamous physical comedy.

Then, of course, there's Channing Tatum who plays the leading male role of "Allen", the Fabio-esque model who appears on the cover of Loretta's books. I won't reveal too much of his character here because I promised no spoiler alerts. But believe me: not only is Tatum hilarious and a viable action figure, he is nothing like the "Magic Mike" pretty boy he portrays in that titular franchise.

Other members of the cast include the one and only more-jacked-than-ever Brad Pitt who plays a former Navy Seal (more action); Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe as a quite believable face-and-neck-vein-popping bad guy; and the surprise fun role of "Beth" (Loretta's publicist) is delightfully filled by Da'Vine Joy Randolph.

Even if you have seen "Romancing the Stone" countless times (like I have), so what if its plot was stolen (?) from my second favorite film of all time to create"The Lost City".

TLC is hardly a re-make.


It's funnier, more action and adventure packed, includes spectacular scenery and nature-vision and, like I said before, has something for everyone.

OK, Dear Hearts: Last one.

Teaser #4: For personal reasons (too long a story to include here, but could possibly appear in my next novel), I found "The Lost City" to be inspirational. You may or may not feel me on this one when you go see it. But if you pay close enough attention, you will get more out of the film than simply a chuckle and an entertaining night out at the movies.

In conclusion --

Move over, "Romancing the Stone". "The Lost City" may very well become my new second favorite movie of all time.

Of course, Dear Hearts, this possibility remains to be seen. I suppose I will have to go enjoy the movie a second time in order to make that determination.

But don't worry, "Sandlot". You'll always be my first love.

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