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Weather or Not

Dear Hearts,

Buckle up, Sweeties!

Or should I say Bundle up.

While most of the United States experiences a deep freeze, significant snowfall, rain, and other mid-winter meteorological happenings -- with a few areas being hit with an instantaneous and ongoing veritable ice age for which they are ill-prepared due to the fact that this sort of conniption fit displayed by Mother Nature is a new-to-them scenario -- a few reminders still apply.

At the risk of sounding like your mother, Dear Hearts, grab the layers; and to quote the lyrics to an old song: "Take good care of yourself. You belong to me".

Over here on the left coast, we are enjoying sunny skies and cool-ish crisp air in the lower sixties; albeit, sometimes partly cloudy with a chance of rain in the forecast -- which we need. Therefore, yours truly wouldn't be mad if we received a major dump, preferably from midnight to five a.m..

However, for the most part, it's perfect hiking weather. My favorite!

And, since daffodils and tulips begin blooming in late January, I get my Midwestern childhood wish-come-true which happens to be the launch of spring almost immediately following Christmas.

Speaking to the rest of you who, understandably, may be more inclined to stay indoors all cozy by the fireplace with your hot beverage of choice -- those with severe road conditions and dangerous electrical situations notwithstanding -- may I encourage you to follow the same modus operandi as mentioned above.

Are you kidding me right now, Ms. Happy Heart? you might be shouting aloud as you read.

Hiking outdoors? It's three degrees here!

Trust me. Having grown up in the Midwest, I get it. One of the many reasons I live in California is the fact that I am a self-proclaimed card-carrying convicted weather wimp.

However, as a person who is passionate about mind, body, spirit wholeness in equal parts (but will refrain from regaling you with a soliloquy on the science of it all), I cannot over-emphasize the importance of getting outdoors in all sorts of weather -- for your psyche, your physical health, and even your spiritual well-being.

When my family lived in the Midwest (after my late husband and I had already enjoyed five glorious years of living and basking in the west coast sunshine), I instantly recalled my disdain for zero temperatures once again.

However, my sweet mother reminded me that I must take my then newborn outdoors; she reiterated how imperative it was that I bundle her up in cocoon-like fashion (not too much, mind you, so as not to cause her to perspire) and take a walk around the block or at least out to the mailbox and back.

Her experienced maternal wisdom informed me that if I kept my baby inside all winter in a constant cozy warm environment, she could easily become what Mom called a "hot house baby"; and come spring, would perhaps not have built the immunity necessary to ward off little cooties.

So . . .every day -- rain or shine, snow or sleet (Yes, I internalized the U.S. Post Office slogan) -- I dressed / wrapped my infant daughter in weather appropriate attire and took her outside for a walk.

And you know what?

Mom was right.

When all the other moms and babies in my circle developed colds and other little germy nuisances at the first sign of decent weather and outdoor activity after a long winter hibernation, we were just fine. And they were not.

So, Dear Hearts, I love you.

I care about you.

My prayer and hope is that your loved ones and you are not in any danger.

Otherwise, get out there. Play in the snow, dance in the rain, hike in cold temperatures; soak up that Vitamin D which only comes from the sun source (supplements don't cut it, folks).

Dress appropriately, of course, but . . .

Do it!!

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